PQMRA 2018 Bylaws
*Last Amendments and Revisions
February 8th, 2018

Article 1 - Principle Office

The principle office for the transmission of business of this organization shall be the address of this club’s President or any other location designated by the Board of Directors.

Article 2 - Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Nominations

The annual meeting of the members shall be held at or near the last Saturday of September of each year. 

Article 3 - Elections of Officers

Prior to and/or at the annual meeting, the membership shall nominate club officers to be voted on by ballot.  The ballots will be returned and tallied by the club secretary and a board appointed assistant.  All results will be announced after the driver awards at the year end banquet and ballots will be made available for review.  You must be a member good in standing or one ballot per house hold.

Article 4 - Special Meetings

Special meetings of the membership may be called by the club president, or by a 51% majority of the Executive Board of Directors, or by a total of 51% general members with the power of vote.  Only one vote per general member or one vote per household allowed.

Article 5 - Notice of Meetings

All members shall receive notification of all regularly scheduled meetings.  Notification will be given using one of the following methods; Electronic mail (E-mail), Phone call, hard mailed notice, and/or hand delivered paper flyer.  Notification of a regular meeting should provide a minimum of ten (10) days notice but may be less at Presidents discretion.  The club president should set general meeting dates well in advance through out the season and as needed.  Any decisions requiring a vote will be done so and accepted by a majority vote of those members present during that general club meeting. 

Article 6 - Board of Directors 

 Section 1.  Powers: 

All business and affairs of the club shall be controlled by the Executive Board of Directors (E.B.O.D.)  The E.B.O.D. shall have the authority to appoint any committee deemed necessary in conducting club business or operations.  All committee members must be a paid member in good standing.  No more than one direct family member may serve on the board at one time if there is more than 50 members. Ex: husband and wife, parent and child, or sibling. 

Section 2.  Branch and Number of Directors: 

There shall be one branch of board members, the Executive Board of Directors (E.B.O.D.).   The Executive Board shall consist of seven (7) members in good standing, The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Director, Tech Director, and Race Director.    

Section 3.  Voting Procedures for elected officers:

  • Each candidate seeking a position on the board shall be a member in good standing and shall have at least one (1) full race season (March through October) with PQMRA.
  • A member may not hold dual offices with another quarter midget club.  The region 9 office will not count as a club for this requirement.
  • To be declared the winner of an election, the candidate must receive majority of the votes cast.  In the case of a tie, there will be a second vote of the membership for the two candidates who tied.  Write in nominations will not be accepted.

Section 4.  Executive Board of Directors Meetings: 

Regular meetings of the E.B.O.D. shall be held monthly during the scheduled racing season or as needed to conduct club business.  The E.B.O.D. meetings may be closed at the discretion of the club President.  Meetings shall be conducted in person or via phone conference.  Any five (5) members of the executive board or the club President may call for a board meeting.  A quorum consists of 5 of the 7 members listed on the executive board.  For any vote tendered during a board meeting, the E.B.O.D. must have a quorum for the vote to pass.  If a member of the E.B.O.D. or their child is involved in a Code of Conduct or incident that requires a vote, the E.B.O.D. member may testify during the hearing but may not be present during the E.B.O.D. meeting and cannot vote. 

Section 5.  Compensation:

All positions within PQMRA are voluntary and no compensation is allowed.  All purchases up to $100.00 must be pre-approved by the President and Treasurer.  Any purchases above $100.00 need to be pre-approved by the E.B.O.D.  Examples include mailing, postage, secretarial supplies, mileage for off season regional meetings per General Services Administration (GSA), etc..  The Treasurer has the responsibility to monitor spending and notify the board of any irresponsible expenditures and has the right to refuse reimbursement if pre-approval was not obtained by the member prior to the expenditure.

Article 7 - Officers, Officials, and Positions: Roles and Responsibilities

At any race or event sponsored by the club, the elected officers or their designee will be present to fulfill their role. Along with them, the other elected positions or appointed positions will be present to perform their role.  All of these roles will be served for a one year time period or until replacement becomes necessary. The board will assume their position and responsibilities on December 1st following the election.

Section 1.  President (E.B.O.D.):

The membership shall elect a club President. The President shall serve a one (1) year term.  If the club is awarded a Grand National Race the President will serve a two (2) year term. The President will serve as chairperson over all meetings and conduct club business as the office may require.  The President shall guide all activities of this club and be responsible for the growth and overall health of the club.  The President and/or designee are responsible for initiating the annual racing schedule and will be approved by the general membership.  The President or designee will handle all official PQMRA business and communication with Alpenrose dairy and QMA. 

Section 2.  Vice President (E.B.O.D):

The membership shall elect a club Vice President. The Vice President shall serve a one (1) year term.  The Vice President will assist the President in many aspects of the office and serve in their position if the President is absent.  The Vice President shall supervise the following functions: Training, Novice Program, web page, and trophies.  The Vice President will oversee the year end banquet and must approve all driver awards and special recognitions.

Section 3.  Secretary (E.B.O.D):

The membership shall elect a club Secretary.  The Secretary shall serve a one (1) year term.  The Secretary shall keep full and accurate minutes of all meetings, both regular and special.  The minutes of all meeting shall be filed, maintained for seven (7) years, and passed on to superceding Secretaries.  The Secretary shall be responsible to assist the President with correspondence locally, regionally, and nationally. This includes all communication with its members.  The Secretary will be responsible for all membership applications, new and renewal.  The Secretary will be available to all committees organized by the E.B.O.D.

Section 4.  Treasurer (E.B.O.D):

The membership shall elect a club Treasurer. The Treasurer shall serve a one (1) year term. The President and Treasurer have access of all funds belonging to the club.  The management of all funds and financial affairs will be subject to the approval of the E.B.O.D.  The Treasurer has the responsibility to monitor spending and notify the board of any irresponsible expenditure and has the right to refuse reimbursement if pre-approval was not obtained by the member prior to the expenditure.  The Treasurer is responsible for accounting and presenting a monthly financial report at each meeting or electronically, and as requested by the club President.

  • All bank accounts shall require two (2) signatures (President, Vice President, Secretary, and/or Treasurer) to be legal.  All checks above $100.00 must be approved by the E.B.O.D.  No checks will be signed by two (2) members of the same family.
  • The Treasurer will be directly responsible for collecting all funds from membership dues, registration fees, fundraising, and any assessments levied.  All money shall be deposited within a responsible time period.
  • The Treasurer may delegate some responsibility to another club member as necessary.

Section 5.  Race Director (E.B.O.D.):

The membership shall elect a Race Director.  The Race Director shall serve a one (1) year term.  The Race Director shall be knowledgeable with all rules and regulation and enforcement there of.  The Race Director will supervise the following positions: Pit Steward, Flagging, Tower Coordinator, and Judges.  The Race Director is responsible to ensure well organized races. 

The Race Director, along with the President is responsible to cancel or postpone any race due to weather, tragic events, natural disasters, and the like. In the event of a weather related race cancellation, the decision to cancel the race must NOT be made before 10:00am the day of the race and must be decided upon no later than 12:00pm noon of the same day.

Section 6.  Tech Director (E.B.O.D):

The Tech Director shall be a member in good standing who is willing and able to assume the responsibility of the position.  The Tech Director will be responsible for, and have authority to, conduct inspections to determine the legality of any cars or engines.  The Tech Director will communicate with the Region 9 tech director and stay current with QMA tech bulletins and regulations.  The Tech Director will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all tech tools.  The Tech Director may select one or more assistants to help with the assigned duties.  Tech tools will be kept in a locked safe on site at all times and only be used for club business.  The tech director, one assistant and the president will be the only individuals to have access to the tools. 

Section 7.  Safety Director (E.B.O.D):

The Safety Director shall assure to the best of their ability that all participants and race cars comply with QMA, region 9, and PQMRA safety rules and regulations.  The Safety Director and/or designee shall conduct a pre-event inspection of driver’s safety equipment, race car, and engine.  Any irregularities will be noted on the safety inspection form and remedied prior to the race car taking to the track.  The safety inspection form will be signed by the Safety Director or designee and turned into the race registrar for sign in.  The Safety Director may be called upon during a race to ascertain whether a car or driver is still in compliance with rules and regulations. 

It is recommended that the Safety Director have an assistant who shall carry out the same responsibilities as the Safety Director.

Section 8.  Tower Coordinator:
The E.B.O.D. shall appoint a Tower Coordinator. The Tower Coordinator shall serve a one (1) year term.  The Tower Coordinator shall organize, direct, and execute all operation of the tower.  The Tower Coordinator is responsible for timing, scoring and comply with QMA procedures.  Additional responsibilities include, registration, scorekeepers, race line up’s and the like.  The Tower Coordinator is responsible for tower cleanliness and all associated timing and scoring equipment.

Section 9.  Publicity Director:

The Publicity Director shall report directly to the club President.  The Publicity Director will be responsible for all activities that promote PQMRA including car shows, free ride days, and other promotional events.  The Publicity Director will be responsible for the monthly newsletter, club updates to the web coordinator, the driver’s club and organize the year end banquet. 

Section 10.  Flag Person:

The flag person will be a designated position by the Race Director or approved by the President.  The flag person must be a member in good standing, as well as able and willing to assume the responsibility of the position.  All flaggers should have one year QMA experience prior to flagging any race.  The flagger will handle the flags to ensure safe, fast, and continuous races.  The flagger has the authority to stop the race or black flag a competitor in the event of safety issues.  The flagger is tasked with carrying out all decisions made by the judges.

It is recommended that there is a head flag person with at least one assistant flagger who shall carry out the same responsibilities as the head flag person.

Section 11. Pit Steward:

The Race Director will designate the Pit Steward.  The Pit Steward will be a member in good standing and be able and willing to assume the responsibility of the position.  The Pit Steward shall control all cars entering and exiting the track during any sanctioned race practice, qualifying, and/or race.  The Pit Steward shall report directly to the Race Director.

It is recommended that the Pit Steward have an assistant who shall carry out the same responsibilities as the Pit Steward.

Section 12.  Novice Committee:

The Novice Committee is comprised of the Club President, Novice Instructor, Race Director, Technical Director, and Safety Director.  The novice committee must authorize all novice move ups.  Any request denied by the Novice committee must be accompanied by written memorandum stating reasons of denial. 

The Novice training program is governed by the QMA guidelines.  The Novice training program includes a head trainer with additional assistance as necessary.  The head trainer is responsible for training and monitoring the progress of each driver in the Novice class.

Article 8 - Property and Funds

Section 1.  Ownership:

All equipment pertaining to, donated to, purchased by the club, or held for the club, including all liquid or invested funds, regardless of source obtained, shall be used only for the improvement of the property and services of this club.  Upon dissolution of the club, all debts and liabilities will be paid in full.  The remaining assets of the club will revert to Region 9 within QMA and suggest remaining funds be split for equal distribution to other clubs in good standing of region 9.

Section 2.  Profits:

No profits or earnings of any kind will be distributed to any or all the members of this club.  In the event of a cancelled club race, entry fees paid may be carried forward to the rescheduled race date or in case rain dates are cancelled, money from sign in is forfeited to the club.

Section 3.  Accounting:

All books are to be closed on December 31 and reviewed by a certified tax authority or the equal by May 15 of each year.

Section 4.  Ownership on Name:

The club President and Publicity Director must pre-approve any use of the name “Portland Quarter Midget Racing Association”.  The name and logo must be used in a manner that is becoming of the club.

Article 9 - Membership

Section 1.  Joining:

Any person may join the PQMRA.  Joining the PQMRA is a privilege and not a right.

Section 2.  Membership Classifications:

  • 2.1 General Member.  A member who has paid all dues for the entire race season.  General members are entitled to vote (one vote per household) and encouraged to attend all club activities.  General membership is required to field a race car in any event.
  • 2.2 Alternate Handler.  A member who is interested in the club and activities but has no desire in fielding a car of partaking in any voting or election.  Alternate Handlers are insured therefore allowed in the hot chute.
  • 2.3 Honorary member/Life Time member.  The Executive Board of Directors has the authority to appoint any deserving individual Honorary or Life Time status and membership.  The Honorary/Life Time member may partake in any club activity but may not field a race car or vote on any issues without first paying general member dues.  Examples of Honorary/Life Time status may include: contributions above and beyond the normal, financial donations exceeding $5,000.00, like donations of goods or services in excess of $5,000.00, 20 years of membership with PQMRA.
  • 2.4 The outgoing President shall have one-year free membership in PQMRA. 

Section 3.  Voting rights:

Only members in good standing will have voting privileges.  Members transferred from another club will not have voting privileges for 1 calendar year unless unanimously approved by the Executive Board of Directors.

Only general members in good standing may partake in any club vote.  Voting is limited to one vote per household.  A quorum shall be 51% of the eligible voting members present in a meeting, unless otherwise specifically noted in the Bylaws.

Section 4.  Dues:

All general members of the club shall pay the established dues per year to keep their membership in good standing.  This includes Quarter Midgets of America (QMA) dues for membership and insurance, Club dues, race entry fees, etc.  All membership dues shall be paid by October 31st for the following season.  Club membership will be $100.00.  Membership applications received after December 31st will be assessed a late fee in the amount of $10.00.  Any checks returned at any time with Non-sufficient Funds will be charged a $35.00 handling fee.  No race cars will be allowed to participate in any practice or racing of any type without first being a paid Q.M.A. member in good standing.

Any outstanding balances for more then thirty (30) days will be denied all racing privileges until the outstanding debts are paid in full.  This includes fees, dues, snack bar charges, etc.

Section 5. Duties:

This non-profit association relies solely on volunteer efforts.  Each family is required to volunteer 8 hours (**see current race schedule for applicable events that count toward volunteer hours).  Participation is based on family and not individual attendance.  Members are given the option to buy out their volunteer duties at a cost of $250.00. 

Novice families are excluded from the above participation/ fee requirement from the date of their membership until the end of the same race season. However, they are encouraged to volunteer and participate in club activities when able. If members fail to pay their fees or work their 8 hours, membership will be denied the following year until fee is paid.  As such, each voting member is required to, but no limited to perform the following duties:

  • Attend membership meetings
  • Participate in work parties
  • Participate in fundraisers (e.g., donating money, raffle prizes, or soliciting trophy sponsors)
  • Fill positions required to put on a race
  • Participate in club promotional events

Section 6.  Removal of Members:

  • 6.1  The membership of a member may be terminated and/or suspended as set forth in the procedures outlined in 6.2, if the member demonstrates or suffers any of the following:

  1. Fail to pay any outstanding balances over thirty days (30) within seven days after notice by mail from the Treasurer.
  2. Offer, agree, conspire, or attempt to discredit any member of the association.
  3. Fail to desist a bickering attitude toward the solution or article in question.
  4. Incite anger and/or strike any member or driver.
  5. Use illegal substances during the association’s event.
  6. Practice of intoxication at any association event.

  • 6.2  Any member may ask that the appropriate action be taken against another member for any cause set forth in the QMA Code of Conduct or section 6.1 by the following procedure:

  1. Submit a written request identifying the member and citing the reason for removal from the association to the E.B.O.D.  A copy of the letter must be provided to the member being acted against.
  2. The E.B.O.D. will review the information and provide an opportunity for the member to be heard.  A vote will be conducted and a quorum must be achieved for the vote to pass onto the general membership.
  3. If a quorum by the E.B.O.D. is achieved, a ballot will be mailed to the club members using the process identified in Article 3.  75% of the total membership in the organization must approve for the said member to be removed.
  4. Either member has the right to appeal within 5 days after receiving the notification of the outcome by submitting a written request to the E.B.O.D.
  5. Exception: Any conflict between members may be resolved by the club officials at the time of occurrence. The maximum action that may be taken is to remove offending member(s) from the facility for that day only. If all parties involved in the conflict agree, the matter is closed and no further action will be necessary. Any disciplinary action, including probation, that continues beyond the day of occurrence will require the use of the QMA COC procedure with correct documentation.

Section 7.  Resignation from a position:

In the event an officer resigns from their position during the race year the following process will be followed:

  • 7.1 If the current President resigns from the position, the Vice President will fulfill the vacated role.  At this time, the membership shall nominate members to fulfill the Vice President role to be voted on by ballot. 
  • 7.2 In the event other officer resigns from their position, at the next available club meeting, members will be asked to nominate members to fulfill the vacated role to be voted on by the membership present.

All ballots will be numbered for security and emailed or mailed per request to each paid general member in good standing or one ballot per household.  The results, emailed or mailed to the club Secretary and a board appointed assistant shall be tallied by the Executive Board of Directors and announced via email or at the following club meeting.

Section 8.  Retirement Recognition Eligibility:

A driver may decide to retire at any time.  In order to be eligible for retirement recognition from PQMRA, a driver must:

a. Must be 16 years of age and have a minimum of 2 years in quarter midget racing.

​b. Must be a current PQMRA member in good standing.

​c. Once a member has retired, they are unable to return as a driver with PQMRA.

Recognition will be given in person at the year end banquet.  The driver must be present to receive their award. A $100.00 limit per award for each retiring driver has been established.

Article 10 - Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process

Section 1.

Any and all discipline will be in accordance with Q.M.A. guidelines and/or protocol, as well as those outlined in Article 9, Section 6.

Exception: Any conflict between members may be resolved by the club officials at the time of occurrence. The maximum action that may be taken is to remove offending member(s) from the facility for that day only. If all parties involved in the conflict agree, the matter is closed and no further action will be necessary. Any disciplinary action, including probation that continues beyond the day of occurrence will require the use of the QMA COC procedure with correct documentation.

Article 11 - Awards

Section 1.  Participation:

A driver must compete in the designated minimum number of races per the race format to be eligible for year end participation and/or championship point’s awards.  The race season is based on the calendar year.

Section 2.  Novices:

  • All Novices will receive an award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in heat races.
  • All Novices will receive trophies for their respective finish in the main event races.
  • All Novices will receive a jacket as their year end award if they run at least half of the scheduled races.  In the event a Novice does not run enough races to qualify for the jacket, they may purchase a jacket at their cost.

Section 3.  Driver Awards:

  • Awards will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all heat races.
  • Main events will be rewarded per the race format voted upon at the beginning of the race season.
  • Fast Time certificates will be awarded as required.

Section 4.  Year End Banquet Committee:

A year end banquet committee will be created by volunteers from the club and overseen by the Vice President.  All expenditures over $1200.00 must be pre-approved by the E.B.O.D. per Article 6, Section 5.  The Vice President will be responsible for driver awards, special recognitions, retirements, or other awards recommended by the committee.  End of year/ special recognition awards will be overseen by the Vice-President with an additional board appointed member to assist with collection and tallying of the votes.

Article 12 - Amendments

Section 1. 

These Bylaws may be amended, revised, or repealed in the following manner

  • Any amended, revised, or repeal shall first be presented to the Executive Board of Directors to determine the next step.
  • After approval by the E.B.O.D., any amended, revised, or repeal will be discussed during a general meeting.  A majority must be present to vote on any changes (Article 9, Section 3).  Should quorum not be achieved at the general meeting then a vote by mail will be conducted.  In the event of a mailed vote, majority of all received votes cast will be counted or the amended, revised, or repeal will be void.