Code of Conduct

Alpenrose Track Conduct

In order to maintain safety and respect for Alpenrose Dairy property, please adhere to the following rules imposed by Alpenrose Dairy for behavior at the track and on the dairy grounds:

PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TIRE RUBBER!!! We cannot stress this enough! Scrapers are available in the registration area for your convenience.

2. Do not hang on or shake the limbs of any of the trees … in particular, the cherry trees above the track.

3. Do not venture onto, play near, or hang around, the Velodrome.

4. Do not venture onto, play near, or hang around, the baseball fields.

5. Do not hang around the reclamation pond. That area is off limits.

6. Do not enter Dairyville when it is closed.

7. After any of our events, it is our responsibility, as a club, to pick up around the restrooms and make them neat. Please keep this in mind and pick up any debris you find during your “visits” to the restroom to help facilitate cleanup at event end.

8. Again …
PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TIRE RUBBER!!! We cannot stress this enough!

9. Please abide by the blackout dates posted on our schedule and do not come to the track on those dates.

10. If you are at the track with your car, please be mindful of the baseball teams when the National Anthem is playing and turn off your car motors during that time out of respect for their game and our country.

11. Please be mindful of appropriate parking during non-event times. During non-event visits, do not park east of the baseball dugout along the street (in order to not block the view of children crossing at that intersection). Also, during non-event times, do not park on the west side of the snack shack building in order to give the velodrome visitors ample room, as well.

12. Safety pads, helmet and other gear must be worn at all times when using bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc., at Alpenrose. These types of items may not be operated during races.

13. Alcohol is prohibited on Alpenrose property. Anyone seen with alcohol will be escorted off the property and will receive a code of conduct.

14. One more time:
We cannot stress this enough!

Member Conduct

One of the key priorities of the Portland Quarter Midget Association is the safety, respect and care of all participants. In support of this goal, “RACE Team” officials will be on-site at all races held at Alpenrose Dairy to ensure participant safety, on and off the track, and to serve as a resource to the Race Director.

By joining PQMRA or participating at a PQMRA event, you and your drivers will be agreeing to join us in our commitment to healthy communications and behavior. As a handler, you will also be agreeing to consistently engage with your drivers with the utmost respect and consideration both on and off the track.

In the event you or your driver are observed exercising less than healthy behavior (including verbal or physical abuse of a handler or driver), immediate suspension from future PQMRA events, or any QMA event, could be enforced.

Thank you for joining us in modeling behavior that all of our drivers can look up to and helping us prioritize our time for what we’ve all come to do – RACE!