Code of Conduct

PQMRA's Commitment to Alpenrose Dairy:

Respecting Alpenrose and their property rules is one of our leading priorities for any event that PQMRA hosts.  There is NO alcohol allowed on the Alpenrose premises. Anyone consuming alcohol, associated with our club will be asked to leave. If necessary law enforcement will be notified. While at the track please let your skateboard and other like items take a rest at your home while on-site.  Keeping off the Veladrome track and baseball fields will ensure we show respect for other organizations Alpenrose sponsors, and the safety of our guests will be strengthened by ensuring golf carts are operated by individuals with a valid driver's license.  Please also plan to follow-through with your pet duties and leave the space around your trailer and motorhome as great as you found it when you arrived.  Any individual/s reported as compromising PQMRA's commitment to Alpenrose will be investigated and potentially asked to leave our facility.

Guest and Membership Conduct:

One of the key priorities of the Portland Quarter Midget Association is the safety, respect and care of all participants. In support of this goal, "RACE Team" officials will be on-site at all races held at Alpenrose Dairy to ensure participant safety, on and off the track, and to serve as a resource to the Race Director.

By joining PQMRA or participating at a PQMRA event, you and your driver/s will be agreeing to join us in our commitment to healthy communications and behavior. As a handler, you will also agree to consistently demonstrate respect toward any handler and driver, including your own driver, both on and off the track.

In the event you or your driver are observed exercising less than healthy behavior (including verbal or physical abuse of a handler or driver), immediate suspension from future PQMRA events, or any QMA event, could be enforced.  Physical abuse at PQMRA includes, but is not limited to spanking, hitting or other physical contact.

Thank you for joining us in modeling behavior that all of our drivers can look up to and helping us prioritize our time for what we've all come to do - RACE!