Welcome, below is some quick information about joining our sport. We are an open community and are eager to help you start your racing program.

About Our Sport:

Quarter Midget is open wheel oval track racing for ages 5-16 years old. Our track is located at Alpenrose Dairy.

Our Races

Our Club races Season Typically Starts May and goes through September. We hold 10 club races a year along with the Alpenrose 100 and a Region Race.

Ready To Join:

For more information email: portlandquartermidget@gmail.com

Club Dues Online Payment:


Membership Dues

PQMRA family membership: $100

USAC (2020 Season ONLY): $10 per family member

USAC Fees for 2021+: $100 + $10 per person

USAC is our National Sancationing body and membership with them is required to race.

Membership with PQMRA and USAC allows you to participate in any USAC Quarter Midget race across the country.

Race Fees:

2020 Season

Each Race Day costs $30 dollars per class entered per driver.

Rookie Year there will only be one class available to run. Each Race Day would cost $30 to race.

During a race day there are a total of three races. Two Heats and a Main race.

Practice at Alpenrose:

We race at Alpenrose Dairy, an oval track that has been around since the 1950s. All paid members have full access to the track and are allowed to practice at any authorized time with no added cost.

Estimated Costs to get started.

First a quick note. This is an amateur sport and there is a bit of a learning curve to finding where to buy what you need. The internet in this case is not helpful as most suppliers are small businesses. I have created this guide to help give an idea as Google did not help me my first year.

These are some estimates of what a typical first year may cost. All cars, parts and safety equipment is bought by each member. The club does not provide cars.

Total Expected First Year Start up costs: $3000-$4000

Cars: Fiser, Rice, Afco, Bullrider, Stanely, Profab are popular brands.

Used Quarter Midget Car: $2000-$3500 this will include a pit cart.

New Quarter Midget Car: $8000-$12000

Safety Equipment:

It is typical when buying a used car to have helmets and wrist restraints included.

Helmet: $200-$400

Wrist Restraints: $20

Neck Roll or Hans system: $40-$250

Race Suit:$100-$150


Shoes: You can buy racing shoes or wear closed toed sneakers $50

Spare Parts:

Your first year will most likely involve some bent parts.

Most Common Spares:

Radius Rods: $10 a piece (would likely need about 10)

Front Axle : $50-$100

Engine Oil: $25 for the season

Steering Arm: $25


Don't buy new tires. Used tires for Rookie year work great and there is always someone with used tires you can have.


Basic Wrenchs and sockets. There are specialty tools but Racing is an open community and all racers have open tool boxes and are willing to help you with tools.

Do not go out and buy a bunch of new tools or equipment your first year.

I hope this was helpful.

If you have additional questions you can call Brian at 503-330-4128 or email portlandquartermidget@gmail.com


How To Join