Information for Members


PQMRA Club Level Parking Policy:                                                                                

Trailers and motorhomes can be parked overnight at Alpenrose as early as the Tuesday prior to an event and must be removed no later than the following Monday.  Exceptions to this policy are back to back races.  If you choose to practice at the facility outside of the schedule noted, you must remove your motorhome and/or trailer that same day.  Any prior arrangements members may have had with Alpenrose will no longer be honored, and members not honoring this parking policy will have their trailers and/or motorhomes towed. No notice will be provided prior to towing.

PQMRA Region 9 Race, States Race & Grands Parking Policy:

All motorhome and trailer parking must have prior approval from the designated PQMRA parking director. Sorry - no exceptions.