Novice Program

A Driver's Edge
Quarter midget racing is more than just a sport; it's an experience that enables every driver the opportunity to develop skills needed to succeed in life.  Perseverance, determination, focus, humility, and sportsmanship are just a few of the attributes drivers lean on each time they gear up for a race. 

Novice Training
PQMRA's Novice Program is designed to provide new drivers between the ages of 5-17 with the tools and information they need to be successful on track.  As a family, you will also receive insight from other PQMRA members to help you support your driver's development and the PQMRA organization as a whole.

Training Schedule
All training sessions will be held at PQMRA's track located inside Alpenrose Dairy. The next group novice training will start March 23, 2014.

Drivers must be 5 years old to begin training, however drivers can practice on their own starting at the age of 4 1/2.

Session Details
Drivers should plan to participate in a total of four training sessions with their own equipment.  Once your driver completes their training program, they will be eligible to participate in a formal racing event.

Handlers will receive information to support the development of their driver's program, including an overview of organizational rules, and tech and class requirements. 

While drivers learn best when they are working alongside other drivers, individual sessions are available.

Training Contact
For additional information or to request an individual training session for your driver, please contact PQMRA President David Ward at 360.518.6253 or Novice Trainer Robert Dendy